My back to school supplies!

~ this may seem like it’s late but in the UK school doesn’t start until September :) ~

1. My new journal

2. Ballpoint pens and highlighters

3. ALL my stuff like my iPad mini and thesaurus

4. My new PINK planner for school and a weekly one for my desk

5. POST-ITS!!!!!

~ I’m very excited and in less than a week I’ll be at my dream college! The work will always be worth it.~



My Desk, and why it rocks for studying:

My desk holds all the essentials to getting a good study sesh in, including:

Good Lighting:

I can’t stress how important this is. When you can’t see what you’re reading or you’re distracted by the glare from bright overheads, you’ll get little accomplished.

A Cork Board:

I love having a cork board because I am the queen of writing little notes and losing them. This way, I put them all up in front of me so I can’t forget things I still need to do.

A Wall Calendar:

The calendar allows me see what I have going on for the rest of the week, reminding me what to study and how long I have before I have to be somewhere.

A White Board:

This is similar to the cork board, but this usually where my grocery list ends up and  list of to-do’s I have.


I love pens. I have tons them, but I keep the ones that are acceptable to write college papers with on my desk.


Well, duh.

A Notebook/ Sticky notes:

Where things that come into my mind but I don’t have time to worry about at the moment end up.

What I Still Need:

A wall hanger for all the paperwork piled up on my chair…